Your most frequently-asked questions are listed here. For General Questions, or ones not listed below, contact us.

How is Enhanced Living funded?
ICF’s Medicaid funds the facility to maintain a bed/position. Waiver funding also comes from Medicaid, but belongs to the person. Once a client is granted a waiver, they may use it wherever they want. County boards subsidize the waiver. Therefore, funding for programs like Graceworks Enhanced Living come from the State of Ohio and Ohio county boards of developmental disabilities. Individuals with a loved one who qualify are assigned a Service and Support Administrator (SSA)  through their local county board to help them navigate this system.

What is your Satisfaction Rate by stakeholders?
Graceworks Enhanced Living received an overall satisfaction rating from stakeholders of 94%. Additional highlights included a 96% rating for the courtesy of our staff, how our employees treat residents, and how likely someone would be to refer others to Graceworks Enhanced Living.

How are the homes staffed?
Homes are staffed based on an individual’s needs and schedules so each home is different. We have set schedules for each home which provides consistency for the residents who live there as well as giving the employees the opportunity to plan their time off accordingly. Regular FT/PT staff are scheduled at one home for their hours. We have a small PRN pool of employees who fill in open shifts in homes as needed. Typical shifts are 8, 10 or 12 hours long.